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Samsung Galaxy Note: Media

The Samsung Galaxy Note is considered to be an amazing media device. That’s because of one thing – its gorgeous and luxury screen. It is a great pleasure to watch videos on this device, not only because of the size but also because the resolution. Plus the minimal weight makes you feel holding a fairy feather in your arms.

Toshiba 37UL863B – Overview

If you are looking for all-rounder high-definition home video device and do not seek the cutting-edge innovation like implemented 3D technology, the 37-inch 37UL863B is an ideal variant for you to buy.
Toshiba 37UL863B has sophisticated and upmarket specifications and comprises both Freeview HD and Freesat HD tuners.

Samsung Galaxy Y

The new Samsung Galaxy Y belongs to Android-based class and is a budget standard smartphone. So, it is unsurprising that it is easily can be beat by its closest rivals – the HTC Wildfire, Samsung Galaxy Europa and Samsung Galaxy Mini.

Samsung RF511

The distinctive appearance of the Samsung RF511 – a stylish black-on-silver chassis – and its incredible feel try to justify the overrated price. Being a usual mid-range laptop, this device promises solid – and quite surprising – performance.
The most noticeable feature of the device is its keyboard decoration. It has muted grey tone metal adornment around and strict black-on-silver buttons. It destroys completely the last traces of minimalism in design of the gadgets in the appropriate niche.

HP Pavilion dm1-4027ea

The new HP Pavilion dm1-4027ea is considered to be a diminutive and ambitious gadget. It is light and compact, ideal for watching movies. But the operating capacities are not as well as they are expected to be…
This netbook is a smaller, lighter and cheaper alternative to big size laptops. But it is achieved at the cost of features and power.

Samsung Series 3 review

The blue-lid 15.6-inch Samsung Series 3 laptop is budget AMD-powered machine.
It is equipped with less powerful performance mechanisms comparing to Samsung’s Series 7 and Series 9 laptops, but at the same time it features a price twice lower as well.

Motorola Xoom 2

The new Android tablet continues the tradition of Xoom computing family. The most noticeable changes touched the outward look of the device. The chassis is slim and refined, and bears resemblance to Apple’s iPad 2. They both measure 8.8mm.
The weight indicator of the tablet is 599g.